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Flower Blocks 4K

Flower Blocks 4K

game icon Release date: 2015-03-02
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Screen Shots:
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Flower Blocks is an implementation of little known game "Columns" with a nod to the players who like particle effects. Although you can install the game on devices with rather small screens, game was designed with larger ones in mind. That is why on devices with larger resolution (for example Nexus 10) the graphics are not stretched resulting in wonderfully crisp image. The graphics was prepared in resolution 5120x3200 [pixels], so the game will look good even on devices with 4K resolution (in theory, because I'm unable to test it ;))

✔up to 5120x3200 resolution graphics will be displayed 1:1 (no stretching),
✔customizable controls,
✔game statistics,
✔25 achievements to win*,
✔global leaderboard*.

*Leaderboard and achievements are available only in Android version and require logging into the Google Play service.

How to play:
Change the position and order of falling blocks to create vertical, horizontal or diagonal line from at least three blocks of the same color. When the line is created, blocks that formed the line dissapear and player receives points. Void space that is created is filled with the blocks above. Along with passing time number of colors of blocks rises (7 max). Speed of the falling blocks also increases. Game ends when blocks are stacked to the top of the playfield.

points8 822 088
time5 days,
06h 07min 47s
times played1 551
total blocks removed291 499
total combo count11 139
time0 days,
00h 00min 18s
times played2
total blocks removed15
total combo count0
points2 240
time0 days,
00h 01min 32s
times played10
total blocks removed63
total combo count2
time0 days,
00h 00min 00s
times played0
total blocks removed0
total combo count0
All OS:

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